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2023-24 MHE BASE Parent Handbook 

2024-25 MHE BASE Parent Handbook 

Our Parent Handbook is a resource for current BASE families, as well as those interested in MHE BASE Programs.  It serves as an ongoing reference that includes policies and procedures of the Program.

2023-24 Extra-Curricular Activities Authorization Form

This form is for kiddos that participate in extra-curricular activities, AND are also signed up for BASE.  Extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to Band, Orchestra, Choir, Student Council, Battle of the Books, Run Club, Little Singers, Lego Club, Coding Club, etc.  We ask that an Extra-Curricular Activities Form be completed and turned into BASE Staff PRIOR to your kiddo participating in the extra-curricular activity. 

2023-24 Student Medication Request & Release Agreement

This form is for kiddos that will require medication to be administered to them during BASE.  Medications include prescription medications and over-the-counter medications (ie. fever reducers such as Tylenol, ointments & creams used as treatment for a skin condition, eye or ear drops, etc.).  Please see page 10 of the Parent Handbook for more information.